In Asian countries, noodles are either made from rice or wheat flour. The kind of noodles made from rice are quite dense and has springy characteristic. They have a firm chew and silky texture. On the other hand, some noodles are made from wheat. While rice might be a better choice for those with celiac disease, wheat has more of one essential vitamin and a bit more of certain minerals.

We do believe in Seasons Dumpling and Season Bakery that wheat possesses a certain characteristic that enhances the natural flavours in our food preparations. Making our dishes better tasting and succulent. That is, of course, our objective, to make preparations that will satisfy your palate. That is why, to make our traditional Chinese dumplings, we only use natural wheat. And the same with our noodles and other dishes, we make them from the finest wheat flour. And so with breaded and battered foods. In our Seasons Bakery, we do prefer to use wheat also. Not only does it possess higher fiber content but also it plumps our items that gives them the natural flavour you will always love.

In our business we only use the finest wheat flour to create top quality items that we pass on to you, our valued customers. As we maintain this quality, we aspire to gain your trust and patronage. While some restaurants may opt for rice grains as their ingredients, we do believe that our preference on wheat makes our dishes better tasting and extra special. The use of wheat is so versatile that the variety of dishes that our good cook can think of seems to be endless. From sweets and pastries to traditional Taiwanese food choices, the items made from wheat that we will prepare to offer you is infinitesimal.