After indulging yourself into a sumptuous meal at Seasons Dumpling, filling yourself with the most delectable rice, noodles and dumplings, that were specially prepared by its expert cook just for you, then the urge of having to satisfy your sweet tooth carvings comes! No need to worry nor go far, because just next door is the Seasons Bakery. Yes, a sweet and pastry haven where you can again treat your discriminating taste bud.

Seasons Bakery has a wide array of sweets and savory lined up for you to choose from. You can give a try our milk toasts that are offered in various ways. Want it traditionally with polo butter or flaky butter? Or would you prefer to have them stuffed with raisin and buttermilk or maybe cranberry and walnut? Whatever your fancy, we will make it for you because we have an artisan just round the loaf. He can make one for you which is stuffed with cranberries and walnuts that is truly irresistible. But if you got a sweet tooth that is on the lighter side, try one of our chocolate bread lollipops instead.

If there is still a space in your tummy after such a resplendent meal at Seasons Dumpling, why not try our mouthwatering cake rolls? We have the velvet cake roll or the superstar and our customers’ most sought-after and favourite, the hot chocolate cake roll! You can take a slice or two, better yet, take a whole roll to bring home for your love ones? For sure, no one can resist such a sweet gesture.

You may opt to sit back for a while and enjoy sipping our siphon style coffee. Chill a bit while we serve you a cup as you nibble on your favourite treat. Relax and free yourself from stress.

Seasons Bakery is not limited to sweets alone because there are still more we can offer you. A line up of savory buns and treats are there for you to choose from. Take home our traditional beef pies, freshly baked from our Seasons bakery oven. Pork steamed buns are also available there for your taking. Should your diet preference be on veggies, try our vegetable steamed buns then. But if you’re just into classics, then our cream bun is perfect for you.

Conveniently located near Seasons Dumpling, step right into Seasons Bakery and satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s just next door!

Since every item you see in our bakery is made fresh in-store every single day, we can assure you of its best quality. We bake with a passion as if we are feeding our very own family. We only use all natural ingredients available in our baking process to a product the freshest pastry.

Our baker possesses the knowledge and expertise to bring you true Taiwanese classics. Each and every item in our bakery will definitely give you the satisfaction that will bring a smile on your face. If that may be so, we consider to have achieved our goal to serve.