Seasons Bakery

Our Seasons Bakery’s focus is to provide the best style and nutritious bread available. In our Japanese inspired Taiwanese-style milk toasts and buns we only use high gluten flour to infuse protein and great texture in each loaf. Once including our fresh milk, minimal sugar and reduced salt we allow the breads to go through a process known as Poolish or Biga. Due to our strict policies of never using chemicals or preservatives we’re able to use this process to rise the dough for sixteen hours, four consecutive times, so the bread can slowly and naturally flourish. Our professional bakers have mastered preparing our baked goods daily so that you’ll be able to enjoy the soft texture and tastiness of each product at its finest.

Within our Bakery we also provide sweets ranging from Assorted Tarts and Homemade Cheesecake to Tiramisu and Specialty Cakes. Each product is given a tasty flavor and adorable look by our very own Cake Decorator. For events such as Birthdays to Baby Showers we present custom order cake choices. This includes our famous Taiwanese-style semi-sweet sponge cake with fresh fruits and homemade Bavarian Cream. Our recipes, containing only the freshest ingredients, allow you to enjoy the flavor without an overpowering sense of sweetness.

Along with these baked goods we fresh brew Loose-Leaf Teas for the best tasting and most fragrant beverages presentable. With our popular Boba Milk Teas we chose to use fresh syrups and tea to provide a depth and healthiness to these drinks. Each cup of coffee is freshly brewed and ground for each order. Our signature Syphon coffee is the cleanest cup of coffee available due to its unique scientific properties. A great variety of natural choices for every taste bud.